Requesting reproductions of library materials

  • Requests for digital and print reproductions of Harvard Library materials may be submitted via the Library's special collections management systemAccount holders may initiate requests for library reproductions, check the status of orders, or find answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Instructions for creating a new account and making requests with the new system can be found at

  • If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Patron Services group at, or by telephone at 617-495-3995, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Price List

Requests for reproductions of items from the Harvard Library collections will be considered, case-by-case, based on the policies of individual library repositories, legal constraints, assessments of the physical condition of the original material, and whether the requester agrees to the specified terms of use. Orders may be initiated by completing an order inquiry form.

Please note that digital reproductions of library materials made upon request, and for a fee, will subsequently be made accessible online at no cost, if legally permissible. Consult "Harvard Library Policy on Access to Digital Reproductions of Works in the Public Domain" for more information about how the Harvard Library supports the use and creative reuses of digitized library resources.

Digital Capture


Size of Original Scan Area

Loose Materials (per image)

Bound Materials (per image)

Standard Digital Photography

Suitable for:

  • Complete volumes
  • Stable Materials
  • Bound materials able to open to 180 degrees
  • Scholarly Research
  • Items able to be deposited into Harvard's Digital Repository (DRS)


  • High-quality digital images
  • Batch processing
  • 300dpi capture resolution
  • Emphasis on legible text and clear images
  • 12-15 day turnaround
  • Delivery via online Harvard Library systems


Loose manuscript, or Bound volume.

Large orders may require additional time. Please call for estimate.

Alternate pricing may apply to some materials.

up to 15"x 23"



up to 15" x 20"



For larger materials see “Studio Digital Photography” services listed below.

Studio Digital Photography

Suitable for:

  • Individual pages/photographs
  • Fragile, rare, and complex materials
  • Material needing customization and/or personal attention
  • Publication


  • Highest quality digital images
  • Individual corrections to exposure, color, and tone
  • Customizable resolution
  • Flexible turnaround
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Quantity discounts

Highest quality digital images, matched to originals in color and tone. Service is suitable for the most fragile, rare, and complex materials, and/or in cases where close fidelity to the original is desired. Service can be customized and adapted for specific needs and requirements. See default capture resolutions.
Job pricing is determined by volume and complexity, see custom pricing examples. Additional charges may apply for special handling, set-up, and lighting. Delivery options for studio photography.

up to 19" x 25.5"

$8 - $20

$8 - $30

larger than 19" x 25.5", up to 34" x 45"

$15 - $35

$15 - $45

larger than
34" x 45"

call for estimate

call for estimate

Custom Services

  • Fine art reprodution
  • 3-D object photography
  • Location photography
  • Retouching
  • Composites & Stitching

Priced by day, half-day, or hourly in 15 min. increments. Please call for quote.

Scan from Transmissive Materials

  • Modern and vintage negatives and transparencies
  • Glass negatives and lantern slides

Volume discount available for 10 or more items.

Capture resolution determined by source material.

35 mm slide or negative


medium or large format negative/transparency


glass negative or lantern slide


Image Retrieval from Harvard's digital repository

$20 for 1-10 images


Digital Prints

Prints created from existing digital image files. The print process uses pigment-based inks on archival luster and smooth rag surfaced papers.


First Print

2–10 Prints
(from same digital image)

Over 10 Prints
(from same digital image)

8" x 10"
Ink Jet Print


$12.50 each

call for estimate

11" x 14"
Ink Jet Print


$20 each

call for estimate

16" x 20"
Ink Jet Print


$50 each

call for estimate

20" x 24"
Ink Jet Print


$75 each

$75 each

20" x 30"
Ink Jet Print


$95 each

$95 each

Custom Sized Ink Jet Print

call for estimate

call for estimate

call for estimate

8 1/2" x 11"
Color Laser Print

$3.00 each

$2.00 each

$1.00 ea

11" x 17"
Color Laser Print  

$4.00 each

$3.00 each

$2.00 each

(Ink Jet Only)

Print color will be adjusted to obtain the best reasonable match to the original. For 16" x 20" and larger prints, and for more exacting color matching, an 8" x 10" approval proof print is recommended. Up to two approval prints are available for $12.50 ea.



Microfilm Reproduction


Standard turnaround for microfilm orders is 4 to 6 weeks.

Duplicate 35 mm Microfilm
(negative or postitive)

per reel, including reel and box


Duplicate Fiche from Existing Fiche
(per sheet)

per fiche sheet


Microforms Digitization
(minimum charge of $150 applies)

microfiche: full sheet scanning
35 mm roll microfilm: full reel scanning

call for estimate


Shipping and Electronic Delivery

Domestic Shipments

$13 per order

FedEx 2nd Day


$25 per order

FedEx Intl. Del.

Electronic Delivery

$10 for up to 15 files


Typical turnaround times and rush services

Standard turnaround time is 12 business days, with the count beginning once source materials have been delivered to Imaging Services. For large orders (11 items or more) please call for estimated delivery schedule.

Rush Services

Note: Availability of rush services fluctuates based on staffing levels and access to library source material. If you would like rush services, please inquire when you submit your request.

5-Business-Day Rush

add $50 surcharge, per order

2-Business-Day Rush

add $100 surcharge, per order

24-Hour Rush

add $200 surcharge, per order


Refund policy

Correcting Errors

In cases where Imaging Services fails to provide the patron with the products specified in the original order, Imaging Services will re-fill the order at no charge, provided that Imaging Services is notified within 90 days of having delivered the order. Correcting these errors requires a review of the originally delivered items, and the patron will be required to return these to Imaging Services prior to re-filling the order. Any rush charges assessed on the original will be fully refunded.

  • Full Refunds
    In the rare cases where payment for services has been accepted and Imaging Services is not capable of providing some or all of the requested services, Imaging Services will refund the full value of any un-fulfilled service item.
  • Partial Refunds
    Orders may not be canceled after order processing has begun, but the patron may request a partial refund for any items that have not yet been worked on. A $15 minimum cancellation fee will be applied to all canceled orders.
  • All refunds are made via check, and the recipient may be asked to provide certain personal information required for payment processing.