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Request for Reproduction of Harvard Library Material, for distributed use

Only one item may be requested per submitted form.


—— Contact Information ——

— Item Information —

Please use one of the following online catalogs to explicitly identify the library items for reproduction:
HOLLIS (books) | VIA (images) | OASIS (archival manuscripts) | HGL (maps)

—— Preferred Reproduction Format ——

Please select your preferred reproduction format(s) below. For additional information, consult our price lists for library reproductions. Please note that standard turnaround time for digitization services is 12 business days, beginning with receipt of prepayment and delivery to our studios of the library material being reproduced.

Paper copies (pricing)

Microfilm copies (pricing)

Digital Images (pricing)

Digital Prints (pricing)

Additional Notes

— Intended Distribution —

Provide information only for the type or types of distribution intended.

Reproduction to be made Internet accessible:

Reproduction to be publicly exhibited:

Reproduction to be published in the following title:

Publication Format:

Rights Requested:

Reproduction to be broadcast or used in a performance or recording:

Publication Format:

Rights Requested:

—— Conditions and Agreement ——

Conditions governing use of Harvard Library reproductions

I am the person whose name appears above or the authorized agent of the person whose name appears above ("Contact Information").

I have requested that the President and Fellows of Harvard College (”Harvard“), acting through Harvard Library (”HL“), make reproductions (the ”Reproductions“) of the materials listed above (the ”Materials“). I intend to reproduce and distribute the Reproductions in the manner or manners described above. If I wish to make any use of the Reproductions, I agree to obtain all necessary permissions from the copyright holder, if any. In addition, I agree that I will not further reproduce, distribute, perform, or display the Reproductions without HL's prior written consent.

I agree to credit HL appropriately where the Reproductions are reproduced.

I understand that reproductions are provided as is and that Harvard does not guarantee the accuracy of the Reproductions.

I will indemnify and hold Harvard and its affiliates, employees, faculty members, members of its governing boards and agents harmless from and against any claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses including reasonable attorneys' fees arising out of or relating to the making of the Reproductions or my use of them, or my breach of any other provision of this agreement.


I certify that the information provided by me herein is correct. Further, I have read, understand, and by my acknowledgement below, or by my payment of fees, hereby convey my agreement to abide by the "Conditions Governing Use of Harvard Library Reproductions."