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Preservation Services
DRS Format Support Requests

The Digital Repository Service (DRS) provides full preservation services for Harvard's digital content in many different formats. Support for new formats are added to the DRS on a continual basis based on the preservation needs of the Harvard community. Since 2004 we have been soliciting and tracking these format requests and provide the current state of requests on this page. 

  • If your Harvard unit would like to request that additional formats be supported by the DRS please fill out this form.

Graphic Summary



In some cases, format requests have been generalized or aggregated into larger categories:

  • Audio includes MP4/AAC, MP3, and WMA
  • CAD includes AutoCAD/DWG, RVT, DOE, BIM, and Navisworks
  • Databases include Access MDB, XML databases and FileMaker databases
  • OCR Text is OCR where there is a single text file per volume
  • Office Documents include Word, Excel, WordPerfect, and RTF
  • Still images include DNG, PSD, DICOM files, Camera RAW and Multipage TIFF
  • Vector Graphics include Adobe Illustrator, EPS, and SVG