Global Digital Format Registry (GDFR)

This project is no longer active but the documentation will continue to be made publicly accessible here in recognition of the fact that this was an important project in the initiative to build a format registry for the digital preservation community.

Meetings and Presentations

  • Minutes of GDFR Pilot Discussion Meeting, NARA, Washington DC, July 10, 2008. [PDF/A-1]
  • Presentation given at the GDFR pilot discussion meeting at NARA in Washington D.C on July 10, 2008. [PPT]

Data Model

  • Data Model [ May 22, 2008 ]
    "Global Digital Format Registry (GDFR) Data Model v.5.0.14". Stephen Abrams and Andrea Goethals, Harvard University Library; May 22, 2008. [PDF/A-1] Description of the faceted classification scheme for formats.
  • Format Classification [ November 9, 2007 ]
    "Classification v.1.05". Stephen Abrams, Harvard University Library; November 09, 2007. [PDF/A-1]
  • Format Model and Relationships [ November 5, 2007 ]
    "Format Model and Relationships v. 1.0.7". Stephen Abrams, Harvard University Library; November 5, 2007. [PDF/A-1]