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Preservation Services
Emergency Preparedness

For questions concerning emergency preparedness and response for Harvard Library collections, contact the Weissman Preservation Center at (617) 495-8596 or Collections Care at (617) 384-6749.


Emergency Preparedness Plan


Writing and maintaining a collections emergency plan is one of the best ways for a library to be prepared for emergencies.  LCET offers templates and guidance in creating such plans:



Emergency Preparedness Training


We offer a variety of educational and training opportunities to Harvard library staff members, including readings, procedures, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, table top exercises, and practice sessions. Training is tailored to the needs of each Harvard library collection.

Guidelines for Emergencies

On October 29, 2003, the Library Collections Emergency Team (LCET) of the Harvard University Library and the Harvard College Library staged a day-long mock disaster in Allston, Massachusetts. More than 40 staff members from 20 Harvard libraries participated in training classes and hands-on salvage operations to prepare them for confronting a real water emergency.


Emergency Supplies


Use this checklist to create a stock of emergency supplies. These are the recommended supplies and quantities for handling emergencies involving up to 500 books. Based on the size or nature of the library’s collections, it may be prudent to prepare to salvage more than 500 books. If so, multiply the recommended quantities by the appropriate factor (e.g., to respond to an emergency involving 2000 books, multiply recommended quantities by four).

Please contact Collections Care (4-6749) or the Weissman Preservation Center (5-8596) for specific product information.


Emergency Preparedness Bibliography