Emergency Preparedness Plan

We strongly encourage all Harvard libraries to develop a written emergency preparedness plan to prevent and decrease damage to collections that are threatened during an emergency.

Basic Elements of an Emergency Plan

1. Who Do You Call?

A. Emergency phone numbers

 Cambridge DOCAllston DOCLongwood DOC

B. Full Staff Member List, so additional staff may be called as needed (list should include home, cell, pager phone numbers).

C. Phone number for appropriate Harvard University Public Affairs and Communications, to be called in the event of an emergency that might attract the notice of the press.


2. Who Should Salvage Collections?

A. In-house Collections Salvage Team

Suggested Team Roles & Responsibilities PDF

B. Library Collections Emergency Team (LCET) [617-240-2500]


3. How Do You Salvage Collections?

Salvage at a Glance

Salvage Operations for Water Damaged Archival Collections: A Second Glance

Readings, Emergency Recovery


4. What Do You Salvage First?

A. Assign collection priorities, preferably before an emergency.

Recommended Coding System PDF

B. Mark collection priorities on floor plans.

See local facilities staff to obtain plans.


5. Where Are the Emergency Supplies?

A. Stockpile supplies before the emergency.

List of Recommended Supplies

B. Mark location of supplies on floor plans.

C. Contact local vendors for additional supplies.


6. What Kind of Security Will There Be During an Emergency?

A. Contact local security staff.


7. What Information Technology Will You Need To Replace?

A. Survey hardware and software currently in use, if your IT Department hasn't done it.

IT Survey DOC


8. Do You Have Insurance?

A. Contact the HU Insurance Department.


9. Who Has the Plan?

A. Make a list of who has copies and when they were updated.

 Distribution List DOC