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Preservation Services
Exhibitions and Loans



Exhibitions, even if only a single exhibit case, provide an attractive venue in which library collections can be introduced and interpreted. They can also inadvertently expose library collections to high levels of heat, humidity, and light for extended periods of time. The Weissman Preservation Center and Collections Care can help evaluate exhibition spaces and furniture, recommend safe display methods, and identify particularly vulnerable materials that would likely suffer from exhibition. 


Loans for Exhibition


Preparing collections for loan to other Harvard repositories as well as to off-campus institutions involves a number of steps to prevent damage to the items during transit and exhibition. Such preparation may include generating and maintaining registrarial documentation, preparation of condition reports, stabilization and aesthetic improvements through conservation treatment, creation of transport containers and customized exhibit mounts, and/or reviewing facilities reports from the borrower to ensure proper environmental and security conditions. Following these steps also contributes toward proper compliance with Harvard Insurance Office guidelines to help reduce insurance claims and premiums. For questions about loaning special collections for on-campus and off-campus exhibitions, contact the Weissman Preservation Center. For questions about general and circulating collections, contact Collections Care.