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Programs & Initiatives

The Harvard Library will achieve its mission through a host of programs and initiatives.


Data Management Symposium

  • Harvard Library and Purdue University Libraries jointly hosted a data management symposium in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in June 2015. The purpose was to promote data awareness and integration of library services into the research cycle.


Ivy Plus

  • The Ivy Plus Libraries — Brown, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, and Yale — comprise some of the greatest library collections in the world. Research, teaching, and learning librarians from Ivy Plus institutions gathered at Harvard in November 2014 to share ideas and best practices.


Digital Scholarship

  • The goal of the Digital Scholarship Program is to enable researchers to create, curate, and disseminate the digital objects related to research. Examples include textual files of articles and papers, data sets, software, astronomical images, annotated maps, large scale genome data and many others.

    Several organizations at Harvard already enable digital scholarship and bring support for digital curation of research objects. The Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University Information Technology, the Center for Biomedical Iinformatics at Countway Library and the Astrophysics Data System at the Center for Astrophysics are notable examples.

    The Program in its current stage involves a host of projects, including review of platforms for digital curation, development of services and training on Dataverse for researchers, including digital preservation and copyright advisory services, and outreach and community building. 


Access to Information Through Partnerships

  • Full access to the world’s scholarly resources is impossible without alliances with other libraries and cultural institutions. In 2011 Harvard joined Borrow Direct and HathiTrust, and signed a new alliance between Harvard and MIT Libraries. All three partnerships will increase access to millions of print and digital volumes, and enhance Harvard’s digital preservation capabilities. 


Pforzheimer Fellowships

  • With funding from Carl H. Pforzheimer III, the Harvard Library’s Pforzheimer Fellowships provide an opportunity for graduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to learn about possible careers in libraries and to discover new ways in which they could provide long-term benefits for the world of learning. Fellows also enhance their research skills by getting to know a great library from the inside.


Information Technology

  • Information technology is a key driver of the Harvard Library becoming an engine of innovation for teaching, learning and scholarship at the university and beyond. Our early efforts are focused on:

    • Creating a Harvard Library portal and web services that virtually integrate the libraries and extended repositories of content within and outside of Harvard
    • Supporting digital scholarship at Harvard and beyond
    • Creating a support structure for innovation and scaling innovations
    • Continuing to lead in scholarly communications and open access

    With the opportunities and challenges presented by an era marked by the fusion of digital and analog materials and increasingly more sophisticated user community, Harvard Library looks forward to contributing to advances in digital preservation, digital collection building, digitization, information dissemination, new forms of information analytics and information-based research, online education, search and discovery and self-archiving/publishing.