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Project Update: Library Innovation Initiative

March 26, 2013—An important component of building a culture and practice of innovation is defining ways to continuously integrate successful experiments and promising innovations into the ecosystem of the Harvard Library. A key finding of the Library Innovation Initiative Team is that there is no known path by which an innovative idea can be maintained as a permanent part of the Library infrastructure.
To address this gap, the Scaling Innovation Initiative is being launched to implement a process and practice, approved by the Library Information Technology Steering Group and the Innovation Advisory Group, for assessing, selecting and scaling innovations. The work of the Initiative will be supported by an Innovation Working Group, which will advise and consult on scaling innovation activities. Its immediate next steps include drafting a project charter and developing resources to support assessment of potential projects to scale. This project has generous support from the Arcadia Fund.
Abigail Bordeaux will serve as program manager for this project in part-time capacity, managing and supporting assessment, technology transfer and scaling selected projects, and serving as a resource for innovative projects nearing completion. She will continue half-time as the Library Technology Services (LTS) liaison to the Library Lab, and LTS will backfill her position as a systems librarian for the term of the project.
Please send any questions about the Scaling Innovation Initiative to Abigail Bordeaux.