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Project Update: Library Mobile


January 29, 2013—As users shift to mobile to consume information—Library mobile traffic increased by about 30% in fall 2012 semester compared to the same period in 2011—a Harvard Library project to update and enhance Library features on the Harvard University application kicked off earlier this semester. These new features will launch in the next few months.


The updates include creating an Android version of the Library application, in addition to iOS. Additionally, users will be able to view which libraries are closest to their current location while seeing which amenities those libraries offer (such as cafes, group study rooms, scanners, etc). Other new features include a searchable Library staff directory, links to research guides, finding aids and Get It, as well as displays of Library videos, news and events.


The Library is collaborating with Modo Labs, the University’s mobile vendor, and the core Library team includes:


Corinna Baksik, Library Technology Services

Jim Borron, The Harvard Library

Rebecca Caira-Davila, The Harvard Library

Laura Morse, Library Technology Services

Kira Poplowski, The Harvard Library


Please send any questions about this project to Kira Poplowski. Read about the recent update to the University-wide mobile application.