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Research Tools



Find Full Text of Citation

  • Use to find full text online articles.

    When you have a citation to an article, try the Find Article by Title search. If unsuccessful, complete the Find Article by Citation form with as much information as you have for the most comprehensive search. The displayed results will lead to online full text versions of the article, if available in the Harvard Library. In addition, a link to HOLLIS+ will display so that any available print holdings in the Harvard Library can be located. Note that if full text online versions are not available, you may be automatically directed to HOLLIS+ to check for print availability.

    Use to find journals.

    Enter a journal name in the form. Then, click Search. The displayed results will provide links to any online versions of the journal as well as a link to HOLLIS+ that will display any additional print holdings in the Harvard Library.


Browser-Based Search Plugin

  • LibX saves you time.

    Harvard LibX is a browser add-on that allows you to link quickly from content found on the web to access via the Harvard Library’s catalog, e-journals and e-resources. Use the LibX search boxes to quickly search HOLLIS+ (includes articles) or HOLLIS Classic, Harvard's e-journal and e-resource lists, Journals Search, Google Scholar and more. With LibX you can highlight text on a web page and right-click to search it as keywords, title, author or subject words in HOLLIS+ or Google Scholar. 

    LibX saves you money.

    Use LibX when you find an article on the web that costs money to view. The LibX right-click menu option to “Reload via Harvard access” lets you find out fast whether Harvard provides access to online full text.

    LibX embeds a Harvard shield "cue" on search results in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Click on the shield to find out if Harvard has print or online access to the book. LibX also automatically links ISBNs, ISSNs, PubMed IDs and DOIs on web pages to Harvard's print and e-resources.


Research Management Tool: EndNote

  • EndNote is a desktop program that helps researchers collect and organize references and documents from online sources (or elsewhere) and to create a searchable personal database. EndNote allows writers to find and cite these references while writing, and to create bibliographies formatted in their style of choice. EndNote is flexible, customizable and sophisticated. For most users, however, it requires a significant investment of time to learn to use well.

    • Recommended for larger research projects, frequent writers or authors with large reference collections.
    • EndNote offers online accounts for synchronizing across multiple devices and collaborative projects.

Research Management Tool: RefWorks

  • RefWorks is a Web-based program that helps researchers collect and organize references from online sources (or elsewhere) and to create a searchable personal database. RefWorks allows writers to find and cite these references while writing (using Word), and to create bibliographies in their style of choice. Access to RefWorks requires a valid Harvard ID and PIN. Start using RefWorks now or learn more.

    • RefWorks simplifies group work, collaboration and sharing of a few references or an entire database.
    • Users may have as many accounts as they like; groups may also set up accounts for group work.
    • RefWorks provides quick and easy ways to create and distribute links to online reading lists, bibliographies and syllabi.
    • Harvard graduates may register for an alumni account.

Research Management Tool: Zotero

  • Zotero is is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.

    • Collect references automatically; add full-text searchable PDFs to your library, and sync to the cloud
    • Find and cite references and create bibliographies with ease
    • Collaborate with other researchers by creating group libraries; share files, notes, and bibliographic data
    • Zotero excels at projects large and small
    • Zotero is open-source software and free for anyone to use