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Take Note: Mia Ackerson, Aidan Alleyne, Ceilyn Boyd, Andrew Wilson


September 18, 2012


Mia Ackerson Earns MSLIS

Mia Ackerson, a library assistant for Information and Technical Services and shelving assistant for Access Services, earned an MSLIS from Simmons College in May 2012.


“I was thrilled to study at one of the best library science programs in the country. The curriculum was interesting and challenging. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. It makes me so happy to use my skills to be a part of the Harvard Library,” said Ackerson.


Ackerson has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Pusan National University in South Korea. She joined Harvard in January 2007.


Aidan Alleyne Pursues Degree

Aidan Alleyne, accounting assistant for the Harvard Library, recently began work on an ALB in finance and accounting at the Harvard Extension School.


Alleyne was previously an accounting assistant at Baker Library, and will soon relocate to 90 Mt. Auburn with other members of the new Harvard Library Finance Group.


Ceilyn Boyd Article Published

Ceilyn Boyd, Library senior project manager, authored “Visualizing Back-of-Book Indexes,” which was published in the March 2012 issue of The Indexer. Boyd co-wrote the article with Mitch Wade, a computer scientist.


The article addresses e-books and “how best to enable readers to browse and search for topics of interest within them.” The authors propose that one can “treat indexes as knowledge representations, encode them as data structures, and use computer graphics techniques to create unique index visualizations. These visualizations can reveal or emphasize relationships between topics—and their locations within the text—that are obscured in the traditional presentation of indexes and that are completely unavailable to the reader via full-text search.”


Read the article’s web companion here.


Andrew Wilson Article Published

Andrew Wilson, access services librarian for the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, recently published the article "QR Codes in the Library: Are They Worth the Effort?" in the July issue of the Journal of Access Services. It was his second article published by that journal. The article was also included as "featured content" in The Informed Librarian Online.


The article discusses a pilot project, supported by Harvard’s Library Lab, carried out in the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library analyzing whether library patrons understand and use QR codes—scannable images that lead patrons to URLs. For the project, Wilson placed the codes on Music Library stacks to test if patrons would download an app on their iPhones or iPads to scan the codes.


“Using Google Analytics, we found that the codes got very few hits,” said Wilson. “However, they are so easy and inexpensive to generate that it still makes it worthwhile to deploy them.”


Wilson holds an MLS from Drexel University and a BA in music performance from Indiana University. He joined Harvard in 1999. Wilson also edits a railroad historical journal for the Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society. He is a freelance double bass player, and has performed with the Portland Symphony Orchestra, the Rhode Island Philharmonic and the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra, among others. Read “QR Codes in the Library” here.


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