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Managing University Records: Storing, Requesting and Retrieving from the Records Center


Depositing New Records

To learn step-by-step how to send records to storage, register for our "Out of Sight" workshop.

Please follow the 5 steps to depositing new records at the Records Center:

1. Identify records eligible for storage
Use the General Records Schedule (GRS) or your office-specific records schedule to identify the types of records you have and how long you need to keep them. Records that are no longer used regularly by your office, but have not met their retention requirements are good candidates for off-site storage.

2. Order records storage boxes and barcodes
Order approved boxes and barcodes directly from Records Management Services by sending an email to Boxes and barcodes will be delivered to your office within 2-3 business days.

3. Pack, label and barcode your boxes
Make sure boxes are properly packed, labeled and barcoded. Refer to our Checklist for detailed packing and labeling instructions and tips.
Please be aware that the Records Center couriers will refuse to pick up boxes that are not packed, labeled, and/or barcoded properly.

4. Complete Records Center Storage Deposit form
A completed Records Center Storage Deposit form is required for each deposit. Download the form by right-clicking on this link and saving the form locally on your computer. Instructions are included on the second page of the form. An example of a completed form can be found here.

5. Request deposit review and pick up
Send the completed electronic form as an email attachment to for review. Fax only the signature page (p.1) to 495-8011 when you are ready to transfer the boxes, or sign, scan, and send us the first page of the form via email in addition to the completed electronic form. RMS staff will review your paperwork and schedule a pick up.


For information on storage fees, please refer to the Records Center fee schedule.


Retrieving and Returning Records

You may recall records to your office at any time. Next-day delivery is standard. For next day delivery, e-mail RMS before 3pm. Be sure an authorized user sends the e-mail. Include in your e-mail

  • Barcodes of the boxes you need
  • Delivery location
  • Alternate contact at your office authorized to sign for the delivery

If you will not be returning the boxes, please request that these barcodes be deleted.  Your office continues to pay for the space reserved for retrieved boxes, unless a deletion request is received.