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Get Started on Your New Year’s Resolutions with Records Management

Implementing good records management practices helps your office work more efficiently by saving time, money, and resources. Plus, it can help you to identify records of enduring value and contribute to Harvard’s institutional memory. Start the new year by following these five tips to help you get organized.


1. Get Organized

Use the General Records Schedule (available to the Harvard community via PIN authentication) to help you identify and classify your records. Arranging your records using the GRS can assist with year-end clean up.

2. Get E-mail Under Control

Don’t forget that e-mail and other electronic records need to be organized, retained, and disposed of just like paper records. Electronic records pose some additional challenges, so click here for more advice.

3. De-clutter

Dispose of obsolete non-permanent records according to the University’s records policies. Here are some guidelines.

4. Get Your Space Back

Use the Records Center to store records you need to keep, but don’t use frequently. The typical office stores 40% of their records on site, when that valuable space could be used for other activities.

5. Contribute To Harvard’s Memory

Ensure that your office is part of Harvard’s history. Transfer eligible records to the Archives.


To learn more, visit the Records Management page.