Harvard University Archives

Tolman Index of Early University Records

The Tolman Index, digitized in 2012, is available online.

This card index, compiled by Bertha Illsley Tolman, provides exhaustive name and subject entries for most University records from 1636 through the 1870s. (Records of the Treasurer are not included.) Each entry cites the precise location of a name or subject in the records (year/volume/page). 

The table below identifies the records cited in the Tolman index and provides the corresponding call numbers.




Card View                         Abbreviations            Title/Description                     Call Number



UAI 5.30
Corp. Rec.


Corp. Rec.

Corporation Records: Minutes of the Harvard Corporation , 1643–1870+

UAI 5.30.2

UAI 5.120
Corporation Papers

Corporation Papers, First Series, 1636–1825

UAI 5.120 VT for 1636–1799
UAI 5.120 for 1800–1825

UAI 5.130
Corporation Papers

Corporation Papers, Second Series, 1826–1870+

UAI 5.130



Col. Papers


College Papers

College Papers, First Series, 1650–1825

UAI 5.131 mf

Sup. to Col. Papers

College Papers, First Series, Supplements to Vols. 1–7, 1626–1815

UAI 5.131.5

2nd Series
College Papers

College Papers, Second Series, 1826–1870+

UAI 5.131.10 mf for Vols. 1–25, 1826–1858
UAI 5.125 for Vols. 26–30, 1859–1863

Overseers Records


Ov. Rec.

Overseers Records: Minutes of the Board of Overseers, 1707–1870+

UAII 5.5.2

Ov. Reports

Reports of the committees of the Board of Overseers, 1650–1870+

Use call number as marked on Tolman card (for example, UAII 10.5)

Faculty Records


Fac. Rec.



Minutes of the faculty, 1725–1870+

UAIII 5.5.2

UAI 15.8

Papers of Harvard presidents

Use call number on Tolman card (for example, UAI 15.884)

Lev. D.

Diary, 1707–1723, kept by Harvard College President John Leverett

UAI 15.866, Box 8 (transcript)
UAI 15.866, Box 4 (photocopy)

Sibley's Private Journal

Diary, 1846–1882, kept by Harvard Librarian John Langdon Sibley

HUG 1791.72