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October 17, 2012
Library Portal Release 1.2

Dear Colleagues,

There is a new release of the library portal today that contains the following changes:

Staff Directory Changes

  • ROLES: When a staff member is choosing a role, the Reference Role appears in its alphabetically correct place.
  • ROLES: Reference role – A reference librarian can now indicate they are a reference librarian without also making their name available for research appointments. NOTE: If the staff member chooses both Research Teaching and Learning and Reference their name will appear as available for appointments.
  • Staff members can affiliate themselves with more than one library. E.g. WID and LAM share reference staff; staff can add up to 5 OVERRIDE affiliations. NOTE: this only changes the display on the Library page staff directory; it does not change the display on the main Staff Directory page. Please read the associated documentation to understand how this works in detail.
  • In the Staff Directory find page, the search box text now reads "Search by name or keyword."
  • User option "Show Profile = No" hides the staff member in main directory, AND will also hide them from the staff listing on individual library/archive page.

Find a Library/Library Profile Changes

  • On the library profile page, if the content for a section is empty, the section will not display. This will now happen for Hours of Operation and Library Staff.
  • Find a Library displays 100 entries, so there is no more paging though search results when looking for a library or special collection.
  • Phone number formatting has been changed to make them easier to read now they display as 617-495-1212.
  • On the Library Profile page, in the Library staff section, staff names are hyper linked to their profile pages. This applies to staff in both the Research Lib tab and the All Staff tab.
  • Staff member titles now appear on staff listings in a library’s profile page.
  • Images on Find a Library page are now hyperlinks to library profile pages.
  • On the Library Profile page the "Contact by Email" section can now include EITHER an email or a URL. The label reads "Contact by Email / Web". If a URL is entered, it will be hyperlinked. If an email is entered, it will have a mailto: link.

Content Management Changes

  • Typo on Edit mode of lib profile page: "libray" is corrected.
  • In template 007 – the “Get It” template - html in sub field “content " is now allowed.
  • Headers on FAQ pages will not be duplicated when new FAQs are added.

Other Changes

  • A person with last name such as "von Beethoven" can now enter their last name in the feedback form with the space.
  • Footer links on Archives pages work correctly.


Portal Known Issues
Updated 17 October 2012
Listed below are known problems with the library portal that are currently being addressed:

Staff Directory

  •  A staff affiliation cannot be removed easily (Bug #505)
  •  In the staff directory user profile, the primary specialty "Archives" should be changed to "Archives & Special Collections"  (Bug #522)
  •  In the staff directory, The Title Override should display, and if that is null, the default title should display.   (Bug #542)

Find a Library/Library Profile

  • On the library profile page, if the content for the See also box is empty, the section should not display. (Bug #484) 
  • Library names should be spelled out in full in the search results - not as LAM, TDR, POE, etc. (Bug #536)
  • Library profile page contact section has divider lines and headers that should not appear when no content is present (Bug #543)

Content Management

  • Template 003 – Research Support, Help etc. has a problem with bullet formatting (Bug #550)


  • Some footer links on Archives pages aren’t working correctly. (Bug #544)
  • Urls with question marks in them are sometimes broken. (Bug #556)