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General Artemas Ward House

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the General Artemas Ward Museum was the family home of the First Commander-in-Chief of the American Revolution. 


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786 Main Street Shrewsbury, MA 01545
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The General Artemas Ward House Museum was the home of an important figure in the American Revolution, a 19th century farm and an early 20th century museum. The house and barn contain original woodwork throughout and many fine architectural details. The collection is made up of objects owned by five generations of Wards that reflect everyday life from the early 1720's to 1925.. In addition to published and unpublished scholarship, the house collections are available online through a Harvard Libraries Virtual Collection. The Virtual Collection includes manuscripts, photographs, and records on a number of objects in the house. In addition, original Ward family documents are in archival holdings in several locations. Digital Images include both historical and current exterior and interior views of the Ward House Museum. There are numerous object views of Ward family owned military, agricultural and household items. This includes, glass, ceramics, metal ware, furniture, textiles, photographs, currency and portraits.