Custom Housing for Group Storage of Scrolls

High-density polyethylene foam planks are notched and joined to provide storage in acid/lignin-free boxes. Supports for the roller ends are cut to provide suspension of the scroll as in the traditional wooden scroll box. Archival board (see Materials List), with cotton ties attached at the sides, lines the bottom of the box.


Scrolls are wrapped in unbleached cotton cloth or acid-free unbuffered tissue paper. Identification labels are visible. To accommodate different scroll widths, the roller bar end supports are adjusted with foam spacers to secure the scroll in its track. Archival board rests on top and ties to the bottom board, securing the contents.


Damaged scrolls with missing roller ends or scrolls with flat ends covered in silk are stored in group boxes using the same foam plank structure with additional supports of unbleached/unsized cotton cloth. The cloth is affixed to the foam tracks with stainless steel specimen pins and acts as a sling to cradle the scroll.


Scroll hardware and loose fragments are wrapped and stored with the scroll. Paper tags provide identification.