Custom Single Scroll Box

Scroll boxes can be constructed of archival corrugated board as a one-piece structure with linen ties. The bottom of the box is lined with a piece of high-density polyethylene foam or layers of archival board to provide extra stability. The box shown at left was made for a large scroll with extensive damage. The condition was assessed by conservators, an image was made of the scroll while open, and any inscriptions were noted. All information is included in the box to eliminate the need for unnecessary handling of this fragile scroll.


This scroll was wrapped in unbuffered acid-free tissue. A Mylar sling with linen ties woven through eliminates unnecessary handling. A label on the box asks curators to seek the assistance of a conservator before handling the scroll.

For additional information on constructing a two-piece custom box for a single scroll, please consult the Freer|Sackler Museums' guide to making East Asian scroll boxes.