Displaying a Hanging Scroll

Remove the hanging scroll from its storage box and place it on a clean flat surface. Gently pull on the end of the tying cord and unwind. Place the tying cord to the left or right side, behind the scroll. This ensures correct placement of the hanging pole hook.    If a protective paper is rolled with the scroll woven under the cord, remove it and set it aside.

If silk hanging strips (futai) are attached to the top hanging bar, unfold them to their hanging position. Unhook the hanging pole and place it aside.











Gently hold the scroll with the left hand, insert the hanging pole hook under the middle of the hanging cord, and lift the scroll to the hook on the wall. The latter must be high enough on the wall to accommodate the full length of the scroll. For longer scrolls, additional hooks attached to the wall may be necessary, as well as a stool to stand on.

It is best to have more than one person to hang a scroll. Place the left hand at the middle of the bottom roller bar to support the scroll and allow for even unrolling. Unroll to the top of the image.