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Media& Workshop Series

Learn about media making around campus and explore free tools and equipment through a series of workshops by local experts.

Workshops are offered every semester for members of the Harvard community. Faculty and Teaching Fellows can request any of these workshops for their classes. 

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What we offer:

  • Available Media Equipment Find out about the cameras, mics, and other media equipment that you can borrow from us.
  • Get Started Creating Media Learn about story development, project planning, script writing, storyboarding, and determine your equipment needs.
  • Podcasting 101 From finding inspiration to editing and publishing a podcast, learn the basics of making podcasts and using audio.   
  • Lighting Basics What are Key, Fill, and Rim lights? Who is Kelvin? Come learn about the fundamentals of lighting and how to make your stuff look great.
  • Immersive Design: Concept-to-print workflows using virtual reality Explore immersive design and learn how to fabricate physical outputs from virtual materials.


  • Data Visualization Workshop Series Learn about design principles, Tableau, RAWgraphs, and more. 
  • Adobe Premiere Discover how you can use Adobe Premiere for storytelling and video editing.
  • Copyright, Fair Use, & Protecting Your Work Learn about fair use and copyright as it pertains to media you use and create. 
  • Audacity Find out how to use Audacity to edit your podcasts and audio recording projects.
  • ESRI StoryMaps Hands-on Workshop Discover how to create stylish presentations, digital exhibitions, and compelling narratives with all types of media and data, cartographic and otherwise. 

Virtual Media Lab

Looking for online resources on podcasting, making videos, virtual reality, or 3D modeling? Interested in attending virtual workshops or demos? Have questions about how other members of the Harvard community are using media? The Virtual Media Lab is here to help you further develop your skills, share your work, and meet other folks who are interested in all things media.