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VRPlants is a team of staff and students from the North Carolina State University Libraries and Department of Plant & Microbial Biology that is developing virtual reality educational experiences dealing with plant biology and natural sciences. VRPlants has published two VR applications for use within science education and outreach while also hosting hands-on technology workshop experiences for over 100 local North Carolina educators since 2018. Co-Investigator Colin Keenan (NC State University Libraries Specialist) will discuss this project’s released projects, public outreach and workshops, as well as VRPlants’ recent experiments with cross-device webXR educational spaces for laboratory curriculum and social experiential learning.


Colin Keenan is a staff member in the NC State University Libraries' Learning Spaces & Services department and a Co-Investigator of VRPlants. His work supports extended reality, spatial computing, and immersive media making for students and staff across and beyond campus. In 2018, Colin was conferred a Master of Research degree by the NCSU Department of Plant & Microbial Biology. Colin’s current projects utilize webXR technologies for education, broadcast, and social creativity.