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March 16 – March 22, 2019

Accidental Detectives. Two Films by Aaron Katz

Saturday March 16 at 7pm
Friday March 22 at 9pm


Directed by Aaron Katz. With Lola Kirke, Zoë Kravitz, John Cho
US 2018, DCP, color, 93 min

Gemini, the latest work by American indie auteur Aaron Katz adds a new chapter to the off-beat, understated study of the millennial experience that extends across his five feature films to date. A Hollywood tale that sharply questions celebrity and its discontents, Gemini subtly bends genre conventions to transform a darkly comic portrait of a petulant actress and her overworked assistant into a taut murder mystery punctuated by the wry humor and crisp dialogue that are important signatures of Katz’s cinema. Gemini is best understood, however, as a delayed response of sorts to Katz’s inventive slacker detective film Cold Weather and an ambitious deepening of the post-genre territory explored in that earlier work. Indeed, the two films are richly complementary, not only for the unexpected disappearances that destabilize their narratives, but also for their nuanced exploration of intimacy as itself an enigma. While Cold Weather uses the thawing relationship between reunited siblings to subtly counterpoint its investigative story, Gemini takes the strange bond of “professional friendship” between actress and assistant to pointedly question trust and identity in the Facebook age. At the core of both films is the figure of the accidental yet intrepid detective—the deadbeat graduate student turned sleuth in Cold Weather, the personal assistant turned fugitive private eye in Gemini—whose search through clues, red herrings and cagey suspects ultimately turns back upon itself and toward a kind of self-revelation. DCP courtesy NEON.

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Saturday March 16 at 9pm
Friday March 22 at 7pm

Cold Weather

Directed by Aaron Katz. With Cris Lankenau, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Raúl Castillo
US 2010, digital video, color, 96 min

Katz’ love of classic detective fiction inspired his celebrated film starring Quiet City’s Cris Lankenau as a grad student of forensic science taking indefinite time off from his studies to find a certain peace in menial jobs while sharing an apartment with his sister. When a surprise visit from his ex-girlfriend opens a strange mystery, the young would-be detective and the film itself are pulled suddenly into an unexpected direction. Cold Weather’s fascinating marriage of detective mystery and slacker film is tinged with humor and a rich ambiguity captured beautifully by Andrew Reed’s moody cinematography—which enshrouds Katz’s native Portland in thick mist and shadow—and by the catchy and innovative original score by Katz’s high-school friend and regular collaborator, Keegan DeWitt. A film of remarkable sophistication and nuance, Cold Weather delicately interweaves its gently insightful depiction of sibling (re)bonding with a tale of enigmatic disappearance and inventive sleuthing.

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