Biblioteca Berenson

Villa I Tatti, Italian Renaissance Studies
The Berenson Library is part of I Tatti — Harvard's Center for Italian Renaissance Studies in Florence, Italy. It promotes research on all aspects of late-medieval and early modern Italy and its global connections.


Quiet study areas Quiet study areas
Conversation areas Conversation areas
Couches / arm chairs Couches / arm chairs
Private desks Private desks
Cafe onsite Cafe onsite
Charging stations Charging stations
Tech loan Tech loan
Lockers Lockers
Printers / scanners / copiers Printers / scanners / copiers


  • The Berenson Library is located at: Villa I Tatti, Via di Vincigliata 26, 50135 Florence, Italy.
  • The Library's primary mission is to support the research needs of current appointees of the Harvard Center and, secondarily, those of former I Tatti appointees and the Harvard community.
  • The library also welcomes other scholars, post-graduate researchers, and visitors with legitimate reasons to consult our collections. Apply for access.