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Order Item or Patron Barcode Labels

Ordering barcodes is a 2 step process.

  1. Use the form below to request start and end numbers from LTS.
  2. When start and end numbers are recieved, order barcodes directly with Data2.

Data2 Customer Service:
222 Turner Boulevard
St. Peters, Missouri 63376-1079
(800) 876-3844 phone (636) 278-8675 fax

Request Start/End Numbers

A single range of barcode numbers is maintained and shared by all libraries at Harvard.  In order to avoid duplication of barcode numbers, you must provide the number of unique barcode numbers required for your order before start numbers can be given out.

Submit the below form and you will receive a start and end number for you to use to place your order.


Contact Information


How many unique numbers are needed?
How many labels are needed?