Overview: TEMplated Databases (TED)

What is TED?

TED (TEmplated Database) is a hosting service that provides an online home for specialized collections catalogs which do not fit within the scope of existing Harvard catalog systems: HOLLIS Catalog (library bibliographic data), VIA (cultural heritage images), OASIS (manuscript and archival finding aids), and HGL (geospatial data).

Using XML technology, TED allows a curator to create a standard database for a collection, define a structured data format, and easily customize screens and parameters for search and display. This data can be maintained directly in TED or batch loaded from an external source. TED offers a web-based public interface that enables end-users to search, browse, view result sets, and retrieve records for items in a collection, as well as link out to digital objects when such links are provided.

Public Access to TED. Access to TED catalogs must be provided by a HOLLIS record and an entry in E-Research@Harvard. See Promoting Your Collection. The TED catalog and the descriptions it contains must be open to the public (TED does not perform any type of access control). The digital materials that a TED links out to may be publicly accessible or restricted to all members of the Harvard community.

How do I maintain my collection?

The TED Maintenance System is a web-based interface used to maintain data in a TED collection. The collection owner (or an agent acting on behalf of the owner) can add new collection records (called XML instance documents), modify existing instance documents by adding, rearranging, or deleting sections, or delete an entire existing instance document.

Access to the TED Maintenance System requires a Harvard ID and PIN and pre-registration with OIS. In addition, access to TED Maintenance requires that your browser have cookie support enabled.

Who can create a TED catalog?

Harvard libraries, museums and archives are eligible to use the TEmplated Database service. Other Harvard organizational units and individual members of the Harvard community are eligible, when sponsored by a Harvard library.

What materials are eligible?

A collection being considered for TED should consist of materials that have library-like qualities (materials with persistent value, intended to support research or teaching). TED is not designed for short term use. The catalogs created using this service should have persistent value.

Collections described in TED can belong to any academic discipline, subject domain, etc. There are no limits on the vocabulary used.


For current set-up and maintenance fees, see Library Systems Fees and Assessments.