DRS Delivery Systems

The DRS environment includes a suite of services for delivering to web browsers common types of digital objects stored in the HL Digital Repository. Each service provides secured access that allows material to be limited to the Harvard academic community (i.e., those with a Harvard ID number and PIN) or made available to the public.

Image Delivery Service (IDS)

IDS delivers to a web browser digital still images. In general, images available through this service have been converted from photographs, slides, prints, and other two-dimensional media held in special collections throughout the University. IDS is the service that delivers many of the digital images described in the VIA catalog, but it can also serve images cataloged in HOLLIS, OASIS, or any other catalog or web site that supports URL linking. IDS can secure images to the Harvard community (i.e., those with a Harvard ID number and PIN) when appropriate. Besides providing static delivery for JPEG, GIF and TIFF images, IDS also provides dynamic delivery as well as static delivery for JPEG2000 files. Dynamic delivery includes navigation, zooming and delivery of multiple sizes and resolutions of a single digital image.

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Page Delivery Service (PDS)

Page Delivery Service (PDS) delivers to a web browser scanned page images of books, diaries, reports, journals and other multi-page documents from the collections of the Harvard libraries. PDS provides tools for page-turning navigation that permit viewers to browse tables of contents, view "next" and "previous" page images and move between sections.

Multi-page digital objects such as books, reports, articles, pamphlets, scrapbooks or photo albums make good candidates for inclusion in PDS. PDS may also be used for multiple views of a single object.

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Streaming Delivery Service (SDS)

SDS delivers digital audio that is stored in the Digital Repository Service (DRS) to web browsers.

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File Delivery Service (FDS)

The File Delivery Service (FDS) delivers to a web browser PDF files, ZIP Containers, Text Files, XML files, SGML files and ICC color profiles (used in digital imaging) deposited into the DRS and enabled for public delivery. For file formats not natively supported by web browsers, the user will be prompted to save the file to the local computer where it can be opened and viewed using local rendering applications.

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