EAS System Features

EAS integrates with other Harvard Library enterprise systems:

  • EAS works with Wordshack for vocabulary control — so that multiple email addresses and names referring to an individual or institutional unit resolve to the same record.
  • At the click of a mouse, email messages and attachments selected for long term preservation will be deposited to DRS - Harvard's Digital Repository Service.

EAS features include:

  • Normalization to EML -- an open standard for preservation (an extension of IMF RFC 5322) -- for long term preservation.
  • Summary views of the metadata associated with email or attachments within a result set.
  • Batch and item level processing options for archivists.

DRS was updated to interoperate with new EAS features, including:

  • Long term preservation of email and attachments in a secure environment approved for sensitive data.
  • Capture of essential rights management information using PREMIS.
  • Capture of significant events tracking to document deletions of email and attachments and format transformations such as the conversion of the native mail format to EML.