Rolling a Hanging Scroll

Place a hand on each end of the bottom roller bar and slowly roll with even tension toward the top hanging bar. Keep the scroll edges aligned.

If the scroll is misaligned, do not force the edges to align, as damage to the paper and silk will occur. Unroll to the point where the edges are not aligned, and roll again. Roll to the top of the image or bottom of the futai and hook the hanging pole to the hanging cord, lifting the scroll from the wall hook. A hanging pole may not be needed if the scroll is small and the hanging hook is easily accessible. Place the scroll on a clean flat surface, support with weights, and unhook the hanging pole.

If applicable, fold the futai against the hanging bar using the original folds as your guide and complete the rolling. Weave the protective paper strip under the center of the hanging cord, then under the folded futai, and wrap it around the scroll.