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Service Directory

The Harvard Library provides services to libraries University-wide in four areas: Information and Technical Services, Access Services, Preservation and Digital Imaging Services and Library Technology Services.


Access Services

  • Access Services supports the Harvard Library mission by delivering a high standard of service; cultivating a welcoming environment that is supportive of academic research and inquiry; stewarding the university collection; and connecting the academic community to the vast array of library resources.  We support the teaching and scholarly mission of the University through collaborative partnerships with the community of students, scholars and professionals at Harvard and beyond.Access Services (AS) provides public services and operations such as the Harvard Depository and Interlibrary Loan that facilitate virtual and physical access to information resources within and outside the University.The goal of Access Services is to ensure that user information resource needs are met, regardless of where the information needs to come from. Led by Ken Peterson, the Access Services organization includes Circulation, Resource Sharing and Logistics, Collection Management and the Harvard Depository and Administrative Services.


Information and Technical Services


Preservation Services

  • The Harvard Library holds the largest academic library collection in the world, and the age and vulnerability of its vast holdings vary widely.The Harvard Library Preservation Program, led by Franziska Frey, comprises state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff committed to ensuring that library materials remain secure and usable for contemporary and future scholars, by employing a variety of strategies for conserving materials, digitizing collections, preserving library content in digital formats and providing robust education and outreach programs.


Library Technology Services

  • Library Technology Services (LTS), a division of Harvard University Information Technology, works in collaboration with the Harvard Library to support the teaching and research mission of Harvard University. To that end, LTS develops and maintains enterprise library software applications that provide faculty, students and researchers access to a vast world of knowledge and scholarship to advance research, teaching and the creation of new knowledge.Within and beyond Harvard, LTS participates in strategic partnerships with colleagues and peer organizations. Through these collaborations, Harvard contributes to innovations, standards and infrastructure that are critical to the advancement of research, teaching and scholarly communication in the digital information age.LTS Systems and services include search, discovery and e-research; collection management systems for Library staff, the Digital Repository, Preservation Services and Access Services; digital project support; and reporting services for Library data and metadata.