Poets’ Theatre Reading with Richard Eberhart, Frank O’Hara and Lyon Phelps (1951)

Poetry Reading (1976)

Poetry Reading (1978)

Poetry Reading at University of Colorado
(Feb. 3, 1982)

MORRIS GRAY Reading (1985)

Poetry Reading (1987)

Norton Lecture: “John Clare’s Inexquisite Eye” (1989)

Norton Lecture: “Olives and Anchovies: The Poetry of Thomas Lovell Beddoes” (1989)

Norton Lecture: “Reading Laura Riding” (1990)

Norton Lecture: “The Bachelor Machines of Raymond Roussel” (1990)

Norton Lecture: “Schubert’s Unfinished: The Poetry of David Schubert” (1990)

Norton Lecture: “Why Must You Know: The Poetry of John Wheelwright” (1990)

Poetry Reading (1998)