Viewing a Handscroll

Prepare a clean, flat surface, and have smooth weights ready before opening the scroll. Place weights at the right and left edge of the viewing surface to prevent the scroll from rolling off the table. If the tying cord has a clasp at the end, protect the scroll from damage by wrapping the clasp in soft paper or cloth.

Begin unrolling the handscroll to the left, to a comfortable arm span; keep even tension and place weights on the right and left to permit prolonged viewing of the narrative.

As you continue unrolling to the left and rolling up from the right, remove and replace the weights. Maintain even tension and a loose roll on the right equal to the diameter of the handscroll fully rolled. Do not squeeze tightly, as creases will form.

After viewing the entire scroll, re-roll in the opposite direction while keeping the scroll edges aligned. If misalignment of the scroll occurs, do not force the edges to align. Unroll to correct the alignment and roll again. Unwrap the clasp and cord and tie the handscroll.