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Library News and Events

This is a platform for Library news and events. Please send comments and suggestions to Thomas Dodson.

January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015—The Library Services Platform Project Scoping Team recently hosted an open meeting to share its preliminary findings in the research process to consider the selection and implementation of Harvard’s next catalog system via a library services platform.

The group is currently in a scoping phase during which they are evaluating the current options in order to determine when a change from the current integrated library services system (Aleph) will begin. The group will present its recommendation to the Access & Discovery Standing Committee in late February, but is hosting a series of open meetings this month and next to involve the library community, answer questions and allow staff to openly share their opinions.

“We want to make sure that Harvard is poised to make the most of opportunities in this...

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January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015—Michael Hart may not be a household name, but in 1971, he made history when he hand-keyed the text of the Declaration of Independence into a computer mainframe and made it available for public download. The act was arguably the first documented instance of the digital preservation of cultural heritage, which has become an immense effort across memory institutions worldwide.

In the years since, preservation specialists have come head-to-head with another challenge—how to ensure the longevity and accessibility of the digital artifacts they’ve created. The Boston-area National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR) participants recently shared their efforts to do so in a midyear presentation...

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January 27, 2015

Take Note shares professional news about Harvard Library staff members; it is published periodically on the Harvard Library Portal. Have something to share? Please send it to the Harvard Library communications team at harvard_library@harvard.edu.

Melissa Banta, Brenda Bernier, Robert Burton and Franziska Frey were invited by the State Hermitage Museum to present papers at the international conference Current Research on Photography in St. Petersburg, Russia. Hosted November 18–21 by the Hermitage to mark its 250th anniversary and the 175th anniversary of the invention of photography...

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January 26, 2015

Dear colleagues,

Like you all, we have been closely monitoring forecasts of the incoming storm that is expected to reach Cambridge and Boston this evening. At this time, we are working with University leadership to determine the best course of action to ensure the safety of Library staff and patrons during what may prove to be a heavy blizzard. In a few hours, administrators from each School will announce any decisions that have been made about closures and modified schedules. We will be in touch with the result of that meeting.

If you have concerns about the safety of your commute, please be in touch with your supervisor to discuss scheduling options. We will continue to closely monitor the forecast this morning and into the afternoon. Should weather conditions warrant schedule changes, we will distribute information...

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January 20, 2015

Rowena He, (center ) Lecturer on Government, uses archival research materials from the Harvard-Yenching Library to teach students about the June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.January 20, 2015—Houghton Library has seen a 200% rise in demand for object-based teaching with its special collections since 2000, a trend that is mirrored to some degree across the University and educational institutions around the country.

“Teachers and students are hungry for the experience of working with objects, touching them, handling them, seeing their markings,” said Rachel Howarth, associate librarian for public services at Houghton Library.

While the dramatic increase in demand was welcome, it challenged...

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