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January 20, 2015

Julia and Paul Child, Valentine's day card, from the Julia Child Papers, Schlesinger Library.January 20, 2015—This year, you can add an even more personal touch to your sweet nothings by nominating images to be used on the Harvard Library’s Valentine’s Day e-cards. We’re crowdsourcing beautiful, creative and quirky representations of love from those who know Harvard’s collections best—you!

Submit an item for consideration by January 31 and some of our favorites will wing their way to inboxes in early February. Requirements for submission are as follows:

  • Originals must be in a collection from a Harvard Library repository.
  • The item must be digitized.
  • The...
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January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015—Sarah Thomas, vice president for the Harvard Library and Roy E. Larsen Librarian for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, will hold two all-staff meetings in late February to update staff members on current and future library activities. There will be an opportunity for questions.

Wednesday, February 25th, 1:30 pm, Yenching Auditorium, Harvard-Yenching Library (2 Divinity Avenue)

Friday, February 27th, 10:30 am, Sever Hall 113

A livestream will be available and further details will be sent as soon as they are finalized. A summary of the sessions will be posted online and included in the March 3...

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January 13, 2015

January 13, 2014—Melvil Dewey may be seen as the father of the library classification system, but he certainly wasn’t the first to conceptualize such a thing; Harvard librarians beat him out by over 200 years.

Today most Harvard libraries use the Library of Congress call number system, but before the adoption of today’s widely used standards, Harvard librarians invented their own. While many users see call numbers only as coordinates to zero in on their item of choice, Houghton reference librarian James Capobianco cracked the codes of the letters, numbers and dots in Harvard’s stacks and shared the results in a recent...

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January 13, 2015

Take Note shares professional news about Harvard Library staff members; it is published periodically on the Harvard Library portal. Have something to share? Please send it to the Harvard Library communications team at

Joanna Epstein attended the...

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January 8, 2015

January 8, 2015—Below is a list of active e-resource trials for Harvard Library. You are welcome to send any comments or questions to the selector and coordinator listed for each resource. If you have any problem viewing it, the list is also available at the ITS wiki page Current E-Resource Trials for Harvard Library


Trial End Date






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