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This is a platform for Library news and events. Please send comments and suggestions to Thomas Dodson.

March 17, 2014

March 18, 2014—Harvard Library users now have access to Brill’s entire collection of e-books in Classical Studies (236 titles) and in European History and Culture (994 titles). This access is part of a six-month pilot project aimed at better assessing user needs and the role that e-books can play in meeting those needs.

The Library remains strongly committed to collecting print materials while meeting demand for digital content. The e-book pilot supplements the Library’s print collections by providing access to the same content in a trustworthy digital format. This dual...

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March 14, 2014

In the April 3, 2014 issue of The New York Review of Books, Thomas Powers reviews a Houghton Library publication, A Lakota War Book from the Little Bighorn: The Pictographic “Autobiography of Half Moon” by Castle McLaughlin. Read the full story.



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March 12, 2014

Dear colleagues,

Sarah ThomasI was so pleased to see many of you at our all-staff meetings recently. Following our gathering, I received some good suggestions and a few questions. One question I was asked several times was about exactly when the changes discussed at the all-staff meetings would take effect. My goal is to have them occur organically. If something is easy to do, we will do it quickly; if there are more people involved and there are several open questions, a change might take several months. Overall, I would like to be able to implement most of the proposals by May. In the...

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March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014—Harvard’s library community recently gathered to hear an overview of preservation needs in the United States and to discuss findings from the Harvard Library’s recent preservation needs assessment of library collections.

The session, organized by Harvard Library Preservation Services, was opened by Debra Hess Norris, who shared results of the Heritage Health Index (HHI), a national preservation survey examining collections from almost 3,500 cultural institutions across the US.

Norris nodded when she heard the crowd’s concerned murmurs in response to hearing that...

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March 10, 2014

It seems like big data is everywhere you look. And in a way, it is: Maps, medical scans, and weather charts are commonplace forms of data visualization. Each was examined during “Thinking with Your Eyes,” a two-day conference that brought together experts in the arts, sciences, humanities, and technology—as well as academic and computing groups from across Harvard—to investigate how graphic representation brings knowledge to life. Read the full story.

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