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This is a platform for Library news and events. Please send comments and suggestions to Thomas Dodson.

March 24, 2015

March 24, 2015—The Harvard Library is joining with the California Digital Library, the University of California system, Ohio State University and the University of British Columbia in a study funded by the Mellon Foundation to help define the future of open access to scholarship. Pay It Forward: Investigating a Sustainable Model of Open Access Article Processing Charges for Large North American Research Institutions (PDF, 30 pages) is a year-long effort to study the implications of new funding models for scholarly communications, particularly the use of article processing charges, and determine their sustainability for research universities in the US and Canada. The project will create a detailed, flexible, and publicly...

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March 24, 2015

March 24, 2015—This spring break, Harvard patrons had a new avenue to find their latest literary love via the “Spring Fling with a Book” display at Lamont Library.

Inspired by public libraries’ “Blind Date with a Book” initiatives around Valentine’s Day, curating librarians wrapped dozens of books in brown paper and set them on prominent display near the Lamont circulation desk. No titles or author names were visible, but librarians anonymously wrote short, personal descriptions of the volumes on the paper wrappings to pique patrons’ interest and aid in an informed yet spontaneous selection.

Since the books were barcoded on the outside of the wrapper, patrons could unwrap to discover...

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March 17, 2015

March 17, 2015—After shepherding eight projects to improve staff and patron experience to full operations, the Scaling Innovation Initiative has concluded, having met its aim to create a path to integrate successful experiments and promising innovations into the Library ecosystem.

The Library’s five Standing Committees have absorbed the charge to support innovative projects aligned with their respective areas by providing feedback and expertise as well as funding.

“We want people to probe and think differently about what they are doing,” said Library vice president Sarah Thomas. “Innovation is not always so evident in historic institutions, but we are striving to integrate it across our operations and functions. The Scaling...

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March 17, 2015

Take Note shares professional news about Harvard Library staff members; it is published periodically on the Harvard Library portal. Have something to share? Please send it to the Harvard Library communications team at harvard_library@harvard.edu.

Ronnie Broadfoot, Kyle Courtney, Susan Halpert, and Andrew Laplume

Ronnie Broadfoot, Susan Halpert, and Andrew Laplume

Ronnie Broadfoot, Susan Halpert, and Andrew Laplume were each awarded the...

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March 10, 2015

Drawing of sky with sunMarch 10, 2015—Space may be the final frontier, but its exploration has long been one of man’s pursuits, as shown in Houghton Library’s current exhibition Starry Messengers: Signs and Science from the Skies. Books and manuscripts display the scientific, artistic and mystical approaches to understanding the skies in the early modern world.

Items depict crucial moments in the science of comets, solar eclipses, and other phenomena, in which scientists often clashed with those who viewed celestial events as signs from God. Many of the items show the scientific overlaid with the ethereal, poignantly capturing humankind’s ever-shifting thought processes in the search for...

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