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Consult Judaica Division Request Form

Some materials are listed in the HOLLIS catalog as "Harvard Depository…Consult Judaica Division" or "Consult Judaica Division." These items are, respectively, non-circulating material located in the Harvard Depository and in-process materials located in the Judaica Division office at Widener Library, Rm. M.

  • "Consult Judaica Division" items that are located in the Harvard Depository do not circulate and may not be borrowed from the library. Non-circulating materials retrieved from the Harvard Depository may be used only in the Phillips Reading Room, with the exception of certain kinds of audio-visual material that may be used only in the Language Resource Center located in Lamont Library.
  • “Consult Judaica Division” items that do not indicate that they are in the Harvard Depository are in-process items. If you request one of these items, you will be notified by e-mail when the item has been processed as to whether it can be checked out or consulted in the Phillips Reading Room.

This form may be used to request both kinds of materials listed in HOLLIS as "Consult Judaica Division." You will be notified by e-mail as soon as the item you request is available. Filling in the request form completely will expedite service.

⚠ Status inquiries should be directed to the Judaica Division of the Harvard College Library at 617-495-3335 or via e-mail.


Fields starting with an * are required information.

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These requests are processed daily, Monday through Friday, and are given a high priority. You will receive an e-mail response as soon as information about the item is available. When requests are received before noon and the request form is filled in completely, every effort is made to provide items by the next business day. Processing times vary based on the materials.