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Lincoln Dioramic Association. A magnificent work of art. A series of wonderful exhibitions! Columbus, Ohio: Nevins and Myers’ Job Rooms, [1867?]. Broadside.

This broadside links popular art and commerce and uses the Lincoln assassination to create interest in the enterprise. It appears that the Lincoln Dioramic Association was comprised of real estate promoters wanting to sell farmland in Jasper County, Missouri. In order to be eligible to win a farm and other prizes, such as shawls, rings, and watches, a person had to purchase an admission certificate to the “Diorama of the Funeral Obsequies of ABRAHAM LINCOLN,” which involved more than 100,000 moving mechanical figures, paintings, and machinery. The diorama, purchased by “an association of gentleman” from the unknown creator, was scheduled to travel to cities and towns across the country.

PF Cabinet *AB85.L6384.Y867m Purchased in 2007 on the Harmand Teplow, Class of 1920, Book Fund.