Touching Bottom

Between 1861, when James entered the Lawrence Scientific School, and 1869, when he received a M.D. degree from Harvard Medical School, James trained in science.

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Photograph William James. Ambrotype (copy of an earlier daguerreotype), undated.

Harvard University. Medical Department. Announcement of the medical courses... November 1864. Photograph
Photograph Harvard University. Medical Department. Catalog of Students, 1865. WJ. Letter to Henry Bowditch. Pomfret, 12 August 1869.

Photograph Henry Bowditch. Photograph, undated. Reproduced from the original in the James family album. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Notman Photographic Co., photographer. Cabinet photograph, Boston, undated. Photograph
Photograph WJ [Notebook 1] Autograph manuscript, signed; Geneva, 16 November 1859. Notes on Lectures at Harvard Medical School : manuscript, 1866-1867. Photograph
Photograph WJ. Diary [1]. Autograph manuscript, signed, [1868-1873]. Mary Temple. Daguerreotype, 1861.

Photograph Charles Renouvier. Photographie Centrale, Avignon, photographer. Carte-de-visite,
1863 or 1883.
Charles W. Eliot. Photograph, ca. 1875.

Photograph WJ. Letter to Alice James. Bar Harbor; 27 July 1872