Intellectual Circles

In the early 1870s, a group of brilliant young men, James among them, gathered to discuss philosophy.

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Photograph William James. J. Notman, photographer. Cabinet photograph, [1880]. Charles Peirce. Whipple, photographer. Carte-de-visite. Boston, undated. Photograph
Photograph Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Photograph, 1874. Chauncey Wright. Photograph, 1874 or 1875. Photograph
Photograph Paul Ross and WJ at Chocorua. Joseph Thacher Clarke, photographer. Kallitype, [1889-1891].

Dallas D. L. McGrew, artist. [The William James house at Chocorua, New Hampshire] Watercolor on paper, September 1902. Photograph
Photograph Faculty Records 1877-1880. Minutes of the faculty meeting of 26 September, 1877.

WJ. Review for the North American Review of Lectures on the elements of comparative anatomy, by Thomas Henry Huxley. Autograph manuscript, [1865]. Photograph
Photograph Shadworth Hodgson. William Locke, London, photographer. Carte-de-visite [July 1877]. George Croom Robertson. Photograph, undated. From the James family album. Photograph
Photograph WJ. [Notebook 18] Autograph manuscript, ca. 1905. Outlines of lectures given at Wellesley, Chicago, and Glenmore on radical empiricism, pragmatism, and pluralism. Harvard Square. Photograph, ca. 1870. Harvard University Archives, HUV 80 (2-10) Photograph
Photograph Harvard Yard. Photograph, 1869. Gore Hall, housing the College Library, is on the right. Harvard University Archives, HUV 20 (1-2)