Psychical Research

James was involved in the London Society for Psychical Research from its founding in 1882, joining eminent British colleagues, including philosopher Henry Sidgwick; Frederic W. H. Myers; Arthur Balfour, who became England’s prime minister; and physicist William Fletcher Barrett.

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Photograph Henry Sidgwick. Photograph, undated. From the James family album. F.W. Myers. Mrs. F.W. Myers, photographer. Photograph, undated. Photograph
Photograph WJ. [Proposal for an American Psychopathological Society]. Autograph manuscript, signed, undated.

American Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research. Photograph
Photograph Mrs. Leonora Piper in a trance. Mrs. F.W. Myers, photographer. Dry plate photograph, ca. 1895. Richard Hodgson. Photograph, undated. From the James family album. Photograph
Photograph WJ. [Report on Mrs. Piper's Hodgson-control]. Autograph manuscript, signed, and typescript with autograph revisions; Cambridge, 15 January 1909. WJ. “The confidences of a ‘psychical researcher’.” Autograph manuscript, signed, [1909].

Photograph William James and Theodore Flournoy in Geneva. René-Édouard Claparède, photographer. Photograph, 18 May 1905. Hereward Carrington. Eusapia Palladino and her phenomena. New York: B.W. Dodge & Co., 1909.

Photograph WJ. Letter to Théodore Flournoy. Chocorua, 18 June 1909.

WJ. “Telepathy once more” [letter to the Editor], published in The Nation, 76: 1973 (23 April 1903). Photograph
Photograph Automatic writing by Mr. Arnold. [Cambridge] 31 October 1889.