Chapter 1

In Kolkata on July 18, 1811, East India Company officer Richmond Thackeray and his wife Anne welcomed their first child, William Makepeace Thackeray. Richmond died of fever in 1815; in 1817 Anne married Captain Henry Carmichael-Smyth, a man with whom she had fallen in love as a teenager, but whom her parents felt would make an unsuitable match.

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Photograph George Chinnery. Anne Becher Thackeray, William Makepeace Thackeray, and Richmond Thackeray. ca. 1813-1814. Juvenile sketch, undated.

Photograph Thackeray’s Horace, used at Charterhouse (London: Whittaker, et al, 1822) J. Deville. Bust of Thackeray as a child, ca. 1822. Photograph
Photograph “First Term” and “Second Term” from Thackeray’s Etchings…while at Cambridge (London: Sotheran, 1878) The Snob and The Gownsman.(Cambridge: W.H. Smith, 1829-1830).

Photograph Thackeray writes “Stanzas to Mary,” undated. Thackeray to his mother, 14 December 1830. Photograph
Photograph “Prepare your mind to undergo a great shock,” Thackeray to James Carmichael-Smyth, [29 November] 1832. Thackeray’s illustrations in Edward FitzGerald’s copy of Undine. (London: undated.)