Harvard-Yenching Library Travel Grant


The Harvard-Yenching Library awards several grants each year to help scholars travel to Cambridge to use our collections in their research.

Priority consideration is given to researchers currently at institutions where there are few library resources in the East Asian languages, and no major East Asian library collections available nearby.

Grants are awarded on a merit basis to faculty members and to graduate students engaged in dissertation research.

Application Process

The grants are open to citizens of any country.

Applications should include a letter with:

  • your mailing address
  • a brief description of your research topic
  • an estimated travel budget


Submit Your Application

You can send in your application either in paper form or as an email attachment.

James K. M. Cheng, Librarian
Harvard-Yenching Library
Harvard University
2 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

2017 — 2018 Grant Recipients

Nineteen grants of $600 each were granted for the 2017-2018 academic year — seven each in Chinese and Japanese studies, and five in Korean studies


    Chinese travel grant recipients 

    • Ira N. Hubert
    • Zhaojin Zeng
    • Xiaolong “Hugh” Wu
    • Shiyi Xiang
    • Zhenjun Zhang
    • Hu Ying
    • Amy H. Li

    Korean travel grant recipients

    • Ju Yoen Lee
    • Na Sil Heo
    • Benjamin R. Young
    • Sohl Lee
    • Jamie Jungmin Yoo

    Japanese travel grant recipients 

    • Ming Gao
    • Polina Glukhova
    • Mary Lewine
    • Juliane Schlag
    • Kyungjin Jeong
    • Svetlana Marakhonova
    • Paul Barclay