Library Liaisons

Your library liaison helps you understand and navigate library resources, and guides you on discipline-specific aspects of library use.

What is a Library Liaison? 

Library Liaisons are experts who help students and instructors make the most of Harvard's research services.

Your liaison is your main point of contact for Harvard Library. As an information expert familiar with your discipline or field, your liaison provides in-depth research support and expertise.

    Your liaison can work with you to:

    • find the material you need to get your work done
    • understand and navigate library resources
    • connect you with specialized services
    • develop research strategies
    • connect you with experts for a specific research endeavor

    If you are an instructor, your liaison can:

    • provide classroom instruction for your students
    • serve as an "embedded librarian" on Canvas
    • design research assignments
    • provide software demonstrations for citation tools, databases, statistical resources and more 
    • create research guides for classes or assignments
    • unearth materials for your own research

    Find Your Liaison 

    For Harvard College and GSAS (also known as FAS) you can look up your liaison by concentration or department.

    To explore similar services at other schools, please contact your school library.