Library Liaisons

Make an appointment with a library liaison to get the help you need to to get your work done.

Looking for personalized guidance when it comes to doing work at the library? Curious how the library can help you in your area of study? We're here to help. For College and GSAS students, each concentration and department has a library specialist who can help you make the most of your research.


Whether you’re working on a homework assignment, deep in a multi-year project, or just getting to know the libraries, your liaison can work with you to:

  • Understand and navigate Harvard’s library resources
  • Develop and refine a research topic
  • Optimize your search strategies
  • Connect you with relevant experts
  • Provide bibliographic support


Ready to help your students develop their research skills? Talk to your library liaison and we'll figure out a plan to connect your students with the best tools and materials. Some of the ways we can help you include:

  • Providing virtual research consultations and library instruction
  • Sending announcements about library services and relevant programs or events to the class
  • Hosting research-oriented discussion forums
  • Creating asynchronous modules to support your course's research projects 


By Undergraduate Concentration

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First Year Student Librarians 

Still not sure?

  • Fill out this request form with some details about the kind of assistance you need and we'll find the right specialist to work with you.
  • If you're affiliated with HMS, HSPH, HSDM, and the hospitals, you can Ask Countway
  • If you're at another Harvard school, or unsure who your liaison is, just ask us! We’ll connect you.