Library Memories From the Class of 2018

As the semester draws to a close, we spoke with some graduating seniors who shared memories about working at Harvard Library. 

Marie Becker, Information and Technical Services   

Marie Becker

“Throughout the college rollercoaster, working at the library technical services in Central Square has been a constant. While I had no idea what I was stumbling into when I applied my freshman fall, this employment has not only allowed me to earn the money I need in a time-flexible and independent way, but it has also helped me appreciate the library system here, the work Harvard librarians do, and to navigate my thesis research most effectively. Most importantly, my colleagues and supervisors have always been incredibly supportive and understanding. It has been an honor to be part of this team.”

Nicole A. Powell, Andover-Harvard Theological Library  

Nicole A. Powell

“My favorite (and funniest) library memories have been getting pranked by my supervisor, Iljea Lee, multiple times during my initial training. Being pranked by Iljea is a rite of passage for all student workers, and it is also a great introduction to the culture of the job. It sets the tone for how the work will be. Andover Library is a space of community, understanding, help, support, learning, and most importantly, laughs. I'm in the library every day (even when I'm not working) and that's because that is what that space has meant to me. I'm sure I'll never have a job, coworkers, a supervisor, or patrons like this ever again. For that I'm grateful.”

Kariss Alcorn, Fine Arts Library 

Kariss Alcorn

“My favorite part of working at The Fine Arts Library was the respect I received from my supervisors. The staff at the library made me feel like I was a key component to the success of our tasks. Every day, my supervisors asked me how I was doing, asked about my schoolwork, and thanked me for my hard work even though I was just doing my job. They really appreciated the work I did, and this meant a lot to me as a student worker. Thanks for being an amazing part of my undergraduate experience!”