Geospatial and Mapping Data

The Harvard Map Collection is the main repository for geospatial data at Harvard, including georeferenced scanned maps.

Terabytes of data from all geographic areas are available from the Map Collection.

The collection includes data for all scales, from global to local. Demographic, physical and thematic data are available for use in-house, or downloadable from the Harvard Geospatial Library.

Thousands of scanned paper maps are available as GeoTIFFs. These include many older maps that are in the public domain, as well as modern topographic sets for countries around the world.

Accessing These Materials

The Harvard Geospatial Library (HGL) is the best tool for finding and downloading data for use in a GIS. Some data are restricted by licensing, copyright, or format from being included in HGL, and must be accessed in the Map Collection Reading Room. These restricted materials can be discovered in the HOLLIS catalog and requested using the "Request Item" link.