Physics Research Collection

This is the collection of the Physics Research Library which merged with the Cabot Science Library.

The Physics Research Collection of the Cabot Science Library includes materials in all areas of experimental and theoretical physics, including:

  • atomic and molecular physics
  • astrophysics and cosmology
  • biophysics
  • chemical physics
  • computational physics
  • condensed-matter physics
  • materials science
  • mathematical physics
  • particle physics
  • quantum optics
  • quantum field theory
  • quantum information
  • string theory
  • relativity

All of our serial subscriptions are available online. We still collect some monographs in print form, although e-only collections are gradually becoming more prominent.

Accessing These Materials

All of our materials are cataloged in HOLLIS. Print materials are housed in Cabot Science Library or the Harvard Depository and are available to be borrowed.

A small collection on non-circulating materials is also housed in Jefferson Lab, Room 450, in the Physics Reading Room. These materials are all duplicates of materials available to borrow via Cabot Library.