The Harvard University Archives is unique in its history, mission, collections, and its service to the University.  The University Archives staff perform distinct roles that work in concert with one another to support the stewardship, preservation, access to, and celebration of Harvard’s institutional, administrative, and community history.  

This exhibition has turned the Archives inside out to give you a look behind the scenes and showcase our work at the Harvard University Archives, specifically by our staff, as well as the collections and materials they care for from acquisition to exhibition.  The items on display were selected by staff to best characterize the unique expertise and diverse skills reflected in their work. 

Archives Inside Out was curated by Emily Atkins, Ed Copenhagen, Hannah Hack, Virginia Hunt, Juliana Kuipers, Sarah Martin, Jehan Sinclair, and Caroline Tanski of the Harvard University Archives.  Exhibit design by Molly Regan, Logica Design.  Content contributions and additional curation provided by the Harvard University Archives staff.