Shouts of struggle echo through the Schlesinger Library’s collections. Rewrite, Organize, Remix: Visions of Feminist Organizing presents dynamic stories from the archive of groups that mobilized to name and challenge injustice. Over generations, community organizers, artists, students, and thinkers have come together to voice their opposition to oppression, raising banners high for liberation. They gathered in basements, on park benches, and in cafés to discuss strategies for advancing civil rights, nuclear disarmament, and sex workers’ rights; preventing domestic violence; organizing labor; and including queer voices.

In the words of the African American feminist lesbian poet Pat Parker, revolution is ongoing: “It’s not neat or pretty or quick. It is a long, dirty, painful process.” This exhibition illustrates how people convened; learned about and articulated unique terminologies to define their selves and experiences; and created networks of allies for economic support and social capital.

Woven throughout are words of love, actions of solidarity, disagreements, and moments that sustained people through times of sorrow. Linger with the letters, pamphlets, flyers, newsletters, notes, and ephemera that mark the past and comment on the present while you contemplate what these struggles—through arguments, laughter, and revelation—inspire you to do next.

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The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study gratefully acknowledges the Helen Blumen and Jan Acton Fund for Schlesinger Library Exhibitions, which is supporting this exhibition.

Exhibition curated by Mimosa Shah, associate curator

Schlesinger Library Exhibition Committee Members:

  • Paula Aloisio, archivist and metadata specialist
  • Zachary Maiorana, librarian/archivist for digital programs
  • Ellen Shea, associate director, Schlesinger Library
  • John Jayo, executive assistant, Schlesinger Library