On display are samplings of the collections of this year’s winners of the Visiting Committee Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting, along with personal commentary.

Established in 1977, the prize recognizes and encourages book collecting by undergraduates at Harvard. Students submit an annotated bibliography and an essay on their collecting efforts; the influence of mentors; the experience of searching for, organizing and caring for items; and the future direction of the collection.

First prize: Far From the Eyes, Far From the Heart: My Life as a Syrian-American Muslim, by Hanaa Masalmeh ’18.

Second prize: Lessons From "The School of Southern Degeneracy": The Collection of a Student of Secrecy, Sentiment and the South, by Alana Davitt ’19.

Third prize, Parthenopean Odyssey: A Personal Journey through the Miraculous and Mundane in Neapolitan Churches, by Gavin Moulton ’20.